Over more than three decades Vidox Motion Imagery has produced award winning, crowd-pleasing media content. We’ve made everything from television commercials to infomercials, marketing videos to documentaries, from training to scientific and medical animation, from pilots to weekly TV series. visual craftsmen vidox We’ve produced and directed presentations and live productions for multi-million dollar pitches and before thousands of people. We’ve distinguished ourselves through creativity, technical excellence, marketing savvy, and community involvement.

We develop concepts, write, produce, direct, stage, shoot, edit, illustrate, animate, voice, perform, and compose. We duplicate, replicate, package, distribute, compress, and encode for video tape, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, broadcast, interactive media, and the World Wide Web.

Vidox tells stories with pictures and sounds that convince and cajole, that woo and that warm, amaze and amuse, sell and inform to buyers and learners, investors and voters, employees and members, to parents and kids, and to old and to young. Vidox Motion Imagery: talent, skill, experience.

When you start with little and spend a long time building a business, you learn to truly appreciate the folks who trust and support you. Our clients are our friends. Their success is our success, literally. We know that, and it inspires us and keeps us engaged. If we ever get bored, we’ll quit. But, don’t expect it—we have more fun every day.

We’re proud that we still serve local clients that were with us in year one. We’re proud of the statewide and national clients we’ve gained over the years. Our clients have tough jobs. They have to make things happen, often at a frenzied pace. We enjoy helping them be productive and making their jobs a little easier and more enjoyable. It’s important to us that our clients feel proud of the work we produce together. And we know it’s important to them. Try partnering with the pros at Vidox.

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